The Five Best Two Player Board Games!

Hello fellow board gamers and welcome to my top five two player board games. Below you will find the best board games for two players and clicking on any one of them will send you to my review if you want to read more.

  1. Lost Cities
  2. Jaipur
  3. Patchwork
  4. Hive
  5. Dominion

All of these games could easily take the top spot and i have sorted them by which games i personally get the most enjoyment out of. The all have amazing replay ability and I don’t think you’ll regret adding them to your collection.

Dominion is the only game on this list that you can play with more than two players but it still plays incredibly well with only two which is why its made the number five spot on the list.


RISK: The Lord of the Rings Edition!


RISK has been around for a long time and over the years people have created many variations with different themes. One of the best out there is the Lord of the Rings edition which not only has great artwork of middle earth and detailed game pieces but it also brings with it a whole new way to play the game!

Lord of the rings risk models
The plastic models have great detail

The forces of good and evil will be battling it out similarly to a normal game of RISK however there will be an additional token on the board representing the fellowship and the position of the one ring. The forces of good will be fighting to help the fellowship get the ring safely to Mordor whilst the forces of evil will be looking to do everything in there power to stop them and seize the ring.

Middle earth game board
Middle Earth looks great! The artwork is spot on.

This may not sound like a huge change to the base game but it creates a very real feeling of pressure and urgency to the game. You have to always keep an eye on the progress of the fellowship whilst capturing and defending your territories or before you know it your opponents swooped in and stolen as easy win.
Although the game pieces are plastic they have a great amount of detail on them and don’t take away from the game at all. They are vibrant in colour to match the beautiful artwork of middle earth on the game board. If you’re a fan of RISK and Lord of the Rings As there are only two sides (good & evil) it is a fantastic two player board game and doesn’t lose out at all by having less than four players making it great for any occasion.

The forces of evil game pieces look great!
The forces of evil game pieces look great!

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!
If you’d like to know where you can get a copy of RISK: The Lord of the Rings edition I’ve provided a link to it on Amazon here.

The Classic Board Game RISK! – Two Player Rules

RISK! Board Game

RISK! has always been a favourite and is one of the best selling board games of all time. The thrill of planning out your strategy, making alliances and and backstabbing them later on is what makes it the fun, and often rage inducing, game we know it as.

If you only have one other person to play with it can be easy to dismiss RISK! and think you don’t have enough players to really enjoy the game. You aren’t exactly going to make an alliance with your only opponent or the game wouldn’t go anywhere. That’s where the addition of neutral armies comes in. The rule changes are very simple and only affect the initial setup.

RISK Game Board
The RISK! game board. Vibrant and easy on the eye.

The two player rules are easy to learn and are shown below.

  • At the start of the game each player chooses there army. Then together pick a third army to be the neutral set.
  • Remove the secret mission cards and two wild cards from the RISK card deck.
  • shuffle and deal into three face down piles. You and your opponent take a pile each. The third pile is the neutral deck.
  • Place your infantry as normal.
  • Place one neutral infantry unit onto each of the remaining neutral territories.
  • Now that all territories have been claimed take it in turns to placing your remaining armies as follows:
    • Place two infantry onto any one or two of your territories.
    • Place one neutral army piece onto any of the neutral controlled territories. Ideally you will be looking to place these to strategically block off your opponent.
  • When all armies have been placed on the board then you can put the two wild cards back in the in RISK deck, shuffle it and begin the game!
An old Waddington’s edition of RISK! from the 1960’s.

When attacking a territory owned by the neutral army your opponent rolls for them in there place. The neutral army doesn’t attack and wont receive reinforcements throughout the game. Granted this doesn’t really solve the issue of not being able to form alliances but it does add and extra layer of depth and strategy to what would be a mediocre two player experience. These additional rules definitely make the game playable and very enjoyable when restricted to only two players.

I would definitely recommend you check it out along with the many other variants that can be found here!

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

ZOMBIES!!! A Fantastic Board Game With A Lot of Charm

While not providing tons of depth and strategy ZOMBIES!!! is still a great game that will offer your hours of fun with your friends. It’s very much the type of game you’d break out with with a few beers because it can be enjoyed at a slower pace while chatting with your mates.

zombies!!! board game
zombies!!! board game for two to four players.

You begin the game in the town centre and each turn a single player draws a map card and connects it to the board creating new areas to be explored. The aim of the game is to escape from the zombies by making it to the helipad alive in  time for the helicopters departure. If you don’t think your going to make it to the helipad in time you can instead opt for going on a killing spree. Kill 25 zombies and you win! However both win conditions are a challenge in themselves so pick carefully.

Due to the nature of the map cards every game is going to be completely different from the last. Each board is randomly generated as you play and the zombies, bullets and hearts will be in a different places each game so, as with most games, there is an element of luck.

Zombies!!! board games
Zombies!!! Player and zombie tokens

The ZOMBIES!!! cards are really what makes this game as enjoyable as it is. Each player will have cards that they can use on their turn to either help or hinder the other players. You can team up with people to make fighting zombies easier and make survival more likely or if back stabbings your style you can throw everyone else under the bus to escape on that chopper!

The combat is simply a 50/50 chance of killing a zombie so the game moves quickly and it keeps the atmosphere light hearted. It can be a little frustrating wasting your bullet supply with bad rolls but that’s just the nature of the game and keeps it entertaining and accessible.

Zombies!!! game pieces look great!

Over all the game play is solid and fairly unique. It offers great replay-ability and to top it all off the artwork is fantastic! The game pieces are plastic and are well made which very much enhances the experience. I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking for an easy going game to play with friends or a partner.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

Board Games To Look Out For In 2018

There are so many great looking board games set to release in 2018 that its hard to know which ones to keep an eye on. I’ve already blogged out Warpgate that looks like it’ll be a fantastic new addition to anyone’s collection but there’s also many other games set for release this year including: Batman Gotham City Chronicles, Brass, Sine Tempore, Lords of Hellas and Who Goes There? just to name a few .

There are many more great titles waiting to be explored and the video below is filled with discussions on just that.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

The New Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Board Game Smashes Kickstarter Target

Within 24 hours of the Kickstarter being created the new Batman: Gotham City board game had already smashed its target of raising $500,000 dollars and has raised over $2 million USD from 8000 backers. It still has a whole month left to raise funds on kickstarter so who knows how much they will end up raising.

You can pledge any amount of money you like towards this fantastic new game however pledging a minimum of $140 USD will mean you will receive the base game – one Heroes Box, one Villians Box and a rule book along with all the unlocked stretch goals.

Finally Pledging $320 USD gets you everything above along with all four expansions, a stylish dice pack and figurines. This will unlock new ways to play the game and add to what looks to be an already fantastic game!

It can be played as a great two player board game or up to four players can join. The general game play involves two sides playing against each other (Villains vs Heroes). Each side has there own objectives to complete, generally the Heroes are aiming to stop the villains from achieving their objectives. As the game progresses you’ll be pitting your ever changing strategies against each other making each game fun and unique.

Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming.

Jaipur Card Game Strategy

Hi all just a few tips for Jaipur after somebody asked for it. Below are some points that spring to mind.

Cash in your goods before your opponent but hold onto silver. If you think your opponent is going to finish first then cash it all in.

You can deny your opponent cards by delaying cashing in. You can long the game out a bit if you need to.

Keep your camel herd at a healthy size when cashing in so you can get back in the game quickly.

You can contend with your opponent for a resource they’re collecting and try to force them to panic sell too early. This will deny some points.

Be sure to check my review for more info at The Board Game Shack.

Happy gaming!

Lost Cities Board Game Strategy and Review

Need a few pointers to give you the edge over your opponent in the fantastic two player board game Lost Cities? Below is a short summary of different ways you can influence the game in your favour! If you would like to read my full review for Lost Cities and many other two player board games you can find them here!

Using the board – If you know what colours your opponent is collecting you can use the other discard piles as an extension of your hand. You can discard the card you don’t need to its respective pile on the board knowing its unlikely your opponent will want to pick it up, then later on you can pick it back up when you need it! Be careful doing this because if your opponent realises whats happening they could pick up the card you put down and hold onto it to deny you those points.
Stalling – if the game is moving to quickly and you don’t think you can play all of the cards you want before the last card is drawn you can slow the game down by drawing from the discard piles whether you need them or not. This can buy you a few extra turns to play cards that could easily be the difference between winning and losing.
Denying – This can be a tricky one depending on how many cards you are trying to deny your opponent from getting. Identifying what colours your opponent is collecting early crucial and by denying them high scoring cards by keeping them in your hand all game can mean your opponent loses out on 30-50 points per column. This is huge but done incorrectly can also be a massive hindrance to your self by clogging up your hand and not being able to get down enough points before the game ends.