Lost Cities Board Game Strategy and Review

Need a few pointers to give you the edge over your opponent in the fantastic two player board game Lost Cities? Below is a short summary of different ways you can influence the game in your favour! If you would like to read my full review for Lost Cities and many other two player board games you can find them here!

Using the board – If you know what colours your opponent is collecting you can use the other discard piles as an extension of your hand. You can discard the card you don’t need to its respective pile on the board knowing its unlikely your opponent will want to pick it up, then later on you can pick it back up when you need it! Be careful doing this because if your opponent realises whats happening they could pick up the card you put down and hold onto it to deny you those points.
Stalling – if the game is moving to quickly and you don’t think you can play all of the cards you want before the last card is drawn you can slow the game down by drawing from the discard piles whether you need them or not. This can buy you a few extra turns to play cards that could easily be the difference between winning and losing.
Denying – This can be a tricky one depending on how many cards you are trying to deny your opponent from getting. Identifying what colours your opponent is collecting early crucial and by denying them high scoring cards by keeping them in your hand all game can mean your opponent loses out on 30-50 points per column. This is huge but done incorrectly can also be a massive hindrance to your self by clogging up your hand and not being able to get down enough points before the game ends.


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