The New Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Board Game Smashes Kickstarter Target

Within 24 hours of the Kickstarter being created the new Batman: Gotham City board game had already smashed its target of raising $500,000 dollars and has raised over $2 million USD from 8000 backers. It still has a whole month left to raise funds on kickstarter so who knows how much they will end up raising.

You can pledge any amount of money you like towards this fantastic new game however pledging a minimum of $140 USD will mean you will receive the base game – one Heroes Box, one Villians Box and a rule book along with all the unlocked stretch goals.

Finally Pledging $320 USD gets you everything above along with all four expansions, a stylish dice pack and figurines. This will unlock new ways to play the game and add to what looks to be an already fantastic game!

It can be played as a great two player board game or up to four players can join. The general game play involves two sides playing against each other (Villains vs Heroes). Each side has there own objectives to complete, generally the Heroes are aiming to stop the villains from achieving their objectives. As the game progresses you’ll be pitting your ever changing strategies against each other making each game fun and unique.

Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming.


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