ZOMBIES!!! A Fantastic Board Game With A Lot of Charm

While not providing tons of depth and strategy ZOMBIES!!! is still a great game that will offer your hours of fun with your friends. It’s very much the type of game you’d break out with with a few beers because it can be enjoyed at a slower pace while chatting with your mates.

zombies!!! board game
zombies!!! board game for two to four players.

You begin the game in the town centre and each turn a single player draws a map card and connects it to the board creating new areas to be explored. The aim of the game is to escape from the zombies by making it to the helipad alive in  time for the helicopters departure. If you don’t think your going to make it to the helipad in time you can instead opt for going on a killing spree. Kill 25 zombies and you win! However both win conditions are a challenge in themselves so pick carefully.

Due to the nature of the map cards every game is going to be completely different from the last. Each board is randomly generated as you play and the zombies, bullets and hearts will be in a different places each game so, as with most games, there is an element of luck.

Zombies!!! board games
Zombies!!! Player and zombie tokens

The ZOMBIES!!! cards are really what makes this game as enjoyable as it is. Each player will have cards that they can use on their turn to either help or hinder the other players. You can team up with people to make fighting zombies easier and make survival more likely or if back stabbings your style you can throw everyone else under the bus to escape on that chopper!

The combat is simply a 50/50 chance of killing a zombie so the game moves quickly and it keeps the atmosphere light hearted. It can be a little frustrating wasting your bullet supply with bad rolls but that’s just the nature of the game and keeps it entertaining and accessible.

Zombies!!! game pieces look great!

Over all the game play is solid and fairly unique. It offers great replay-ability and to top it all off the artwork is fantastic! The game pieces are plastic and are well made which very much enhances the experience. I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking for an easy going game to play with friends or a partner.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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