RISK: The Lord of the Rings Edition!

RISK has been around for a long time and over the years people have created many variations with different themes. One of the best out there is the Lord of the Rings edition which not only has great artwork of middle earth and detailed game pieces but it also brings with it a whole new way to play the game!

Lord of the rings risk models
The plastic models have great detail

The forces of good and evil will be battling it out similarly to a normal game of RISK however there will be an additional token on the board representing the fellowship and the position of the one ring. The forces of good will be fighting to help the fellowship get the ring safely to Mordor whilst the forces of evil will be looking to do everything in there power to stop them and seize the ring.

Middle earth game board
Middle Earth looks great! The artwork is spot on.

This may not sound like a huge change to the base game but it creates a very real feeling of pressure and urgency to the game. You have to always keep an eye on the progress of the fellowship whilst capturing and defending your territories or before you know it your opponents swooped in and stolen as easy win.
Although the game pieces are plastic they have a great amount of detail on them and don’t take away from the game at all. They are vibrant in colour to match the beautiful artwork of middle earth on the game board. If you’re a fan of RISK and Lord of the Rings As there are only two sides (good & evil) it is a fantastic two player board game and doesn’t lose out at all by having less than four players making it great for any occasion.

The forces of evil game pieces look great!
The forces of evil game pieces look great!

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!
If you’d like to know where you can get a copy of RISK: The Lord of the Rings edition I’ve provided a link to it on Amazon here.


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