Patchwork Review


Patchwork board game
Patchwork board game great for two players!

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg

Artist: Klemens Franz

Players: 2

Age: 8+

Play Time: 20-30 Mins

Price: £17.71 on

or $25.20 on


Patchwork is a game where two players are competing against each other to create
the best patchwork quilt (Best meaning highest scoring and most aesthetically
pleasing). The game is played on a 9×9 board with the quilt patches placed randomly
in a circle around the board. The currency and points in the game are in the form of
buttons and each player begins the game with five.

On each turn a player can choose to buy one of three patches that are clockwise of the
spool or they can simply pass their turn. When you buy a patch four things have to happen.
You must first pay for the patch you bought using your buttons, then you must
advance your token on the board forward by the amount indicated on the quilt tile,
rotate spool on the board so that it is pointing to where the quilt was taken
from and then you can add the patch to your board! If a player chooses to pass a turn
they move their token on the board to one space in front of their opponents piece and
collect buttons from the bank equal to the amount of spaces moved.

patchwork two player board game
The artwork on the board and game pieces is beautifully done.

The rules of the game are very simple but it manages to generate a huge amount
of depth and strategic thinking into such a basic concept. In my opinion the
biggest strength of Patchwork is that each turn feels meaningful and that every
choice has an immediate impact on you and your opponent. It means that you have
to make tough decisions and devise new strategies on the fly as the game
progresses. Of course this also means that no two games are the same, It’s
replayability is phenomenal and if you enjoy the thrill of discovering the small
hidden nuences and strategies of games then this will be perfect.

On the flip side however if your looking for an easy going 2 player experience then this
is great for when you have some spare time for a game and a coffee. The economy
of the game feels solid and creates a constant sense of pressure of wether to
hold off and collect buttons so that you have enough to ensure you finish your
quilt or do you buy early and rely on passes to keep your button income steady?
Finishing the game with the most buttons is the players ultimate goal. You will
be forced to pay buttons to the bank equal to the number of blank patches in
your quilt so completing and creating a great quilt is paramount!

In conclusion this game provides something for everyone and is a must have game for anyone looking to expand their collection. The game play feels solid and you never have a feeling of unfairness or that you’ve unjustly been defeated. Each turn provides each player with a new puzzle to solve and the player that is able to adapt themselves
the best each turn will likely prevail. It will provide hours of fun and you will definitely get your moneys worth. Its not very expensive to buy and if your interested please click here or on the link at the top of the page to go to the amazon listing.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!